Articles by: Cyrille Jeancolas

Exhibiting living things

Plant grafting, selective breeding, and ornamental gardens are practices, sometimes very old, that attest to the fact that humans intervene on living organisms according to aesthetic criteria in order to create singular forms and colors. By comparing contemporary works in the field of bioart with the staging of plants and […]

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Presentation of the book:
Puissance du végétal et cinéma animiste.
La vitalité révélée par la technique.

The research laboratory “La Cellule” of the National superior school of photography of Arles in partnership with the “Anthropologie de la vie” team from the Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale of the Collège de France, invites you to the presentation of the book Puissance du végétal et cinéma animiste. La vitalité révélée […]

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Thresholds in Origin of Life Scenarios

Thresholds are widespread in origin of life scenarios, from the emergence of chirality, to the appearance of vesicles, of autocatalysis, all the way up to Darwinian evolution. Here, we analyze the ‘‘error threshold,’’ which poses a condition for sustaining polymer replication, and generalize the threshold approach to other properties of […]

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