Thresholds in Origin of Life Scenarios

Thresholds are widespread in origin of life scenarios, from the emergence of chirality, to the appearance of vesicles, of autocatalysis, all the way up to Darwinian evolution. Here, we analyze the ‘‘error threshold,’’ which poses a condition for sustaining polymer replication, and generalize the threshold approach to other properties of […]

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Imitation des êtres vivants et modélisation de la vie.

Rather than considering the imitation of nature and life as a universal mechanism, it is crucial to think about the anthropological foundations of biomimicry or – to insist on the diversity of practices – “biomimicry(s)”.

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Puissance du végétal et cinéma animiste

A transdisciplinary study of the representation of plants and their powers to think about the question of animation, cinema, photography and more broadly, that of the image, in the era of the Anthropocene and in the context of the “plant turn” at work in the field of human sciences as well as contemporary art.

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