The research laboratory "La Cellule" of the National superior school of photography of Arles in partnership with the "Anthropologie de la vie" team from the Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale of the Collège de France, invites you to the presentation of the book Puissance du végétal et cinéma animiste. La vitalité révélée par la technique, in the presence of:

Teresa Castro : lecturer in cinema and audiovisual studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3.

Luce Lebart : historian of photography, curator and researcher for the collection Archive of Modern Conflict.

Perig Pitrou : research director at the CNRS, and member of the Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Sociale of the Collège de France where he leads the "Anthropologie de la Vie" team.

Appointment on January 21 at 6 pm, in videoconference
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(in French)

This work is edited by Teresa Castro, Perig Pitrou, Marie Rebecchi at Les presses du réel. Texts by Roberta Agnese, Teresa Castro, Emanuele Coccia, Ludovic Coupaye, Philippe Dubois, Luce Lebart, Émilie Letouzey, Natasha Myers, Perig Pitrou, Marie Rebecchi, Elena Vogman, Matthew Vollgraff.

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