A cycle of 8 films-debates

Season 1 of the "EXTRATERRAL PRESENCE" cycle featured a series of films on the diversity of extraterrestrial life forms that could occur on Earth.
Diversity of Life Forms in Science Fiction

Astrophysicist Roland Lehoucq, anthropologist Perig Pitrou and paleontologist Jean-Sébastien Steyer have cleverly concocted the cycle for season 2, with 8 films programmed until June 2019.

They propose to follow what happens when humans venture beyond the limits of the atmosphere: to place themselves in geostationary orbit, to land on the Moon or Mars, or even to explore new galaxies.

Whether it is to flee a world that has become uninhabitable, to colonize other environments, or to learn more about the exoplanets scattered throughout the Universe, there are many reasons to escape the Earth's gravity.

In all cases, humans must achieve technological prowess and adapt their bodies to ensure the proper functioning of fundamental biological processes (breathing, movement, food, sleep).

The life of organisms is thus inseparable from the ecosystems, natural or anthropized (spaceships, lunar or Martian bases) within which they evolve, in unprecedented human/machine couplings.

The staging of extraordinary events, as much as the description of daily activities, show that, more broadly, this experience puts to the test the capacity of humans to live alone... or in groups. Beyond biological and technological issues, space exploration therefore always raises social and political questions.


In the company of writers, astrophysicists, researchers in the physical sciences, natural sciences and humanities and social sciences, this cycle of 8 film-debates invites us to reflect on what are, or could be, human lives in space.

Will the characters in these films survive?
Will they encounter non-human life forms?

This cycle is organized in partnership with Sciences et Avenir.