Special Issue:Living Beings and Artifacts: Vital and Technical Processes in Oceania

Volume 88, Issue 1

March 2018


Introduction. The Interweaving of Vital and Technical Processes in Oceania.

Ludovic Coupaye and Perig Pitrou.

Pages: 2-12

First Published: 25 February 2018

‘Yams Have No Ears!’: Tekhne, Life and Images in Oceania

Ludovic Coupaye

Pages: 13-30

First Published: 25 February 2018

Iridescence as Affordance: On Artefacts and Light Interference in the Renewal of Life Among the Owa (Eastern Solomon Islands)

Sandra Revolon

Pages: 31-40

First Published: 14 February 2018

Actions, Relations and Transformations: The Cycle of Life According to the Ankave of Papua New Guinea

Pascale Bonnemère

Pages: 41-54

First Published: 12 February 2018

The Growth of Species and the Making of Timeless Forms: Divine Objects and Extraordinary Bodies in Fijian Ritual Polities

Allen Abramson

Pages: 55-68

First Published: 11 March 2018

Place, Destabilized: Ambivalent Heritage, Community and Colonialism in the Marquesas Islands

Emily C. Donaldson

Pages: 69-89

First Published: 05 February 2018

‘We Are Fire Clan’: Groups, Names and Identity in Papua New Guinea

Peter D. Dwyer

Monica Minnegal

Pages: 90-106

First Published: 15 February 2018

The (Re‐)Appropriation of Spirit Beings – Spirits of the Dead and Spirits of God in a Sepik Community

Christiane Falck

Pages: 107-126

First Published: 01 March 2018

Marriage Prestations, Gift Making, and Identity in Urban East Timor

Kelly Silva

Pages: 127-147

First Published: 06 February 2018


La vie qui vient d'ailleurs. Mouvements, échanges et rituels dans les Hautes‐Terres de la Papouasie‐Nouvelle‐Guinée ‐ By Almut Schneider

Pascale Bonnemère

Pages: 148-150

First Published: 11 March 2018