Quand Pasteur était chimiste…Revivre une découverte

La Nuit Sciences et Lettres de Normale Sup

3 Juin 2016

As part of the Nuit Sciences et Lettres de Normale Sup, June 3, 2016, 45 Rue d'Ulm. Link

When Pasteur was a chemist...Reliving a discovery

Ludovic Jullien, with the participation of Eric Ruf, and Perig Pitrou for the debate.

ON STAGE - 1848. Young pastor chemist at the ENS makes an unexpected discovery on tartrate crystals. 2016. Eric Ruf, from the Comédie Française, reads Pasteur's story illustrated by students and researchers to understand the historical context and capture the particular moment of the discovery. Louis Pasteur turned to biology after working as a chemist during his thesis.

Piece followed by a debate entitled: Contemporary views on living-non-living boundaries

The debate will explain what was its logic and establish how the representation of living-not-living borders has evolved since its work.

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This film is the work carried out by students in the "Sciences and Letters" module École normale supérieure - PSL University in which we propose to work on projects around literary or scientific and historical texts in order to explain the underlying science.
There is a mutual enrichment here linked to a complementarity between the fields of knowledge: science can enlighten the arts and letters and
these can help to better understand the sciences. It is a question of making people feel that science is not the only way to access reality and
to its understanding, but that, through artistic or literary emotion, a message can be conveyed, including scientific.
The module is devoted to a project, possibly over several years. A first realization consisted in putting together a piece on the
youth work of Pasteur ("When Pasteur was a chemist") which took several forms, a version for an audience of
chemists, and a more popularized version that was performed at the Théâtre de la Reine Blanche in March 2016.