IMOVIE proposes to better understand the anthropological foundations of biomimicry, often presented as a new paradigm for scientific and technological innovations by looking more broadly at how humans imitate living things. Rather than an abstract philosophical analysis, this project mobilizes the empirical data of anthropology (of nature, life, techniques) to study the techniques used by human societies to imitate and model living beings and systems and to highlight the associated theories of life. This collective investigation pursues a comparative objective and addresses traditional and contemporary technologies within a common analytical framework. Multi-site ethnographic investigations carried out in different socio-cultural contexts - Amerindian societies, associations working in the fields of do-it-yourself biology and permaculture; science laboratories (microfluidics, robotics, ecology, chemistry) - aim to detail the stages of technical processes by which humans imitate and model vital processes: observation, figuration, mathematization, fabrication, experimentation, etc.