Lia Giraud is an artist graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Ph.D. in Visual Arts (SACRe/ PSL university) and professor of photography and image at the Marseille school of fine arts (ESADMM). Her work questions our understanding of and our relations to life in a world continuously reshaped by science and technology. She participated in many exhibitions (Centre Pompidou, Le Cent-Quatre, Le Cube, Variation Media Art Fair, Festival Images de Vevey-CH, Naturpark Our-LUX, Dutch Design Week-NL, Imagine Science Film-USA/UEA) and has international outreach in contemporary art and research (Lift conference-CHE, Leonardo/Olats-USA, European EpiGeneSys programm, ArtPress-FR, Wired-UK, Arte/Tracks-DEU).